Cleaning metal the easy way

Metal Cleaning

By Cleaning Services London

Copper-bottomed pots, candlesticks and metal pans, faucets in the bathroom and kitchen – all those metal objects that are an integral part of your home, are at the same time very hard to clean. Or at least, you cannot clean them in the same way like you do with the rest of your household. Fortunately, there are some pretty simple methods that would definitely ensure your successes in cleaning metalwork of any kind – with no stress, strain or hassle whatsoever on your part.

  • The best cleaning solution for metal objects, especially kitchenware is a mix of white vinegar and salt. Wet the surface of the pan or pot you want to get cleaned, then sprinkle the above mentioned ingredients and scrub the surface well, until all tarnish is gone from it.

  • The same result can be achieved by using an old and pretty simple method. All you need is… a lemon. Cut the lemon in half, take one of the slices and sprinkle salt on it. Use the prepared tool for scrubbing your metal items well until all grease, stains and dirt are gone. You will not be able to achieve a better result with any cloth or sponge you will find on the market.

  • Metal CleaningWax drippings are hard to remove from candlesticks. Or rather, it seems nearly impossible to get rid of them without damaging the finish of the item. If you thought this to be a universal truth, think again. Just get the candlestick in question and put in the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes. Once the wax is frozen, it can easily be removed – with no damage done whatsoever.

  • Calcium buildups on the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom are inevitable. But they are also not such a pleasant view, so it is better to remove them as quickly as possible. You can do that with ease by simply using a lemon halt or wedge and rub the flesh side of it against the stain which needs treating. For starters, you will get rid of them, and your faucets will even smell good.

As you can see, cleaning metal is not something to be scared of. It can be done quickly and easily, in case you are equipped with the right knowledge and several simple tools of trade. You can have perfectly clean metal kitchenware in no time using the methods described above. If you need professional help with all that and you live in London you also have the option of visiting London Oven Cleaners and leave all the stress from cleaning by yourself behind.

Save time cleaning your bedroom

Bedroom CleaningIt would come as no surprise if you pay little attention to the process of cleaning your bedroom. After all, you spent quite a little time there and when you are thoroughly cleaning your home, you like most people, probably leave it for last – meaning that you have neither the time, energy or will to invest much effort into cleaning it.

Fortunately, there are several shortcuts that if followed will enable you to finish the bedroom cleaning process quicker and up to more satisfactory results. They are easy, so why not make use of them?

  • First of all, plug in your vacuum and after you are finished with the floors – it will not take more than a couple of minutes, clean the area under the bed too. Thus you will prevent the formation of dust bunnies and you will have a much cleaner and healthier sleeping environment.

  • Regularly throw away any items that do not belong in the bedroom like empty perfume bottles or used tickets. Do not wait for them to pile up. Instead of doing this only once on your weekly cleaning day, throw away those unnecessary objects that clutter your bedroom when you get up in the morning – it takes no effort, and at the same time it will save you a lot of it when you get down to work cleaning and tidying up the bedroom.

  • If you are a bedtime reader, put back all books on the shelves after finishing them, instead of letting them pile up on the night stand.

  • Bedroom CleaningIt is only natural that from time to time you have to hurry. In those cases thorough vacuuming is out of the question. This does not mean you should abandon the process all together. Go over only the curtains, blinds and the headboard of your bed (if it has an upholstered attachment). Thus you will not allow dust to accumulate in your bedroom and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

  • Last but not least, make sure your bed is made every morning, even if you think you will not have time to prepare yourself for work. The truth is that it takes no more than a minute, and when you get back home in the evening, you will thank yourself for making that effort.

Following these simple steps ensures that your bedroom will be in a perfect condition at any time.

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